Who We Are

Barrier Pest Solutions is a “Local, Reliable Pest Control Family”. We provide pest control solutions to the greater Sacramento area and surrounding communities. Our team is comprised of, Anthony, Olivia, Salvador, and Manuel Mora.

For us here at Barrier, pest control is not just a job but our passion. As our industry continues to change and advance, we spend countless hours educating our team and staying up-to-date on the latest pest control products, equipment, and management techniques so that we can better serve you.

Our Goals

Our goal was not just to start another pest control company but to start one that you will be happy to do business with, one that is very detailed, reliable and solves problems swiftly, one that offers choices and customer service that is second to none. We and our customers feel that we have done just that!

Large businesses, even local ones, can be huge faceless multimillion dollar corporations. On the other side of the spectrum is the one man shop who can easily become overworked and unreliable. We are a local family team comprised of Anthony, Olivia, Salvador, and Manuel. Our goal is not to grow forever and become too large, but instead to focus on remaining small, reliable, and personal in our services that we provide.

Our Mission

As pest management professionals our mission is to protect public health, food, and property from danger and diseases transmitted by pest.

See the Difference For Yourself

If you want a great pest control experience, call “Your Local, Reliable Pest Control Family” and talk with Olivia and don’t be surprised if you see Anthony, Manuel, or Salvador show up at your door to personally solve your pest problems.