Natomas Ant Infestation:

My name is Desiree, and my family has a home in Natomas. Several months ago, we experienced an issue with a serious ant infestation. Ants freak me out, so I instantly called Barrier Pest Solutions for assistance. Although I initially had to leave a message, Olivia called me back right away, and I really appreciated her prompt response. My hatred for ants probably made me less rational than usual during our discussion, but she still treated me with respect and made sure that my concerns were addressed.

The most difficult part for me of working with any type of service provider is the fact that I have a very inconsistent schedule. However, Barrier made it clear that they were more than willing to work with my schedule, and they even showed up on a Saturday to handle my problem. I work in customer service myself, and this makes me extremely particular about the type of service that I receive from others. Barrier has more than won me over with their high quality customer service and quick results, and I really appreciate the outstanding service that they provide.

I now use Barrier as our regular pest service provider, and I have never experienced any problems. In fact, each of their technicians has been extremely professional and knowledgeable, and I feel completely comfortable asking them any pest related questions. Additionally, I have been able to reach out to Barrier in between service calls to receive necessary information. For example, several months after I began using Barrier, I became concerned about the impact that their pest treatments could have on my pets. As always, a friendly member of Barrier’s team quickly replied to my message. During our conversation, I learned that Barrier’s treatments dry very rapidly, and each treatment becomes completely safe for pets as soon as it finishes drying.

Barrier’s professionalism, high-quality results, friendly customer service and pet safe approach has made them my preferred choice for all of my family’s pest service needs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else who is experiencing a pest problem in their home or business.

Desiree – Natomas

Sacramento Ant & Black Widow Extermination:

I tried a few other exterminators in the Sacramento area before discovering Barrier Pest Solutions, but none of them provided me with the same high level of service that I am able to enjoy now. There are many things that I appreciate about the Barrier approach, including the fact that I no longer have to worry about dealing with a stream of inconsistent technicians coming into my home. In the past, bigger pest control companies that I utilized sent a new person each time, and this made me uncomfortable. After all, each of them had different levels of skill, and I was not able to develop trust in any of them. Barrier changed all of this for me, and now I know that Sal will be the technician who takes care of my extermination needs every time.

One of the best things about Sal is that he is a fantastic and trustworthy young man who has consistently solved any pest control problems that I experience. I also love it that he remembers enough about my situation to always call a day in advance so that I can ensure that my dog is secured. Other companies I tried did not extend this courtesy, and it became problematic a few times.

My original problem was dealing with ants and black widows in my home, and Sal was able to quickly and effectively serve those pests with an eviction notice. I live in an area that is prone to pests, so I now utilize Barrier for bimonthly service in order to prevent any major infestations from occurring. Sal has helped me meet this goal, and I am extremely happy with the results that I have received from his pest control treatments.

Another thing that I really enjoy about Barrier Pest Control is the fact that they are a family run company, and they provide excellent personal service. Although Sal is the technician who always enters my home, I also interact with Olivia on a regular basis. Olivia has answered the phone every time I have called Barrier, and she has always been friendly and extremely helpful. I am very pleased with every aspect of Barrier’s extermination service, and I plan to remain a loyal customer for as long as I live within the local area.

Sandi Morris – Sacramento

Elk Grove Rodent Infestation:

I dealt with a huge rodent problem for more than two years before I was fortunate enough to locate the skilled professionals at Barrier Pest Control. In fact, I worked with multiple other local and national companies, and they all promised to be able to eradicate my issue but failed miserably. By the time I decided to give Barrier a try, I was borderline convinced that the only solution to my mouse problem would be to simply move out of my Elk Grove home and start again. Fortunately, I took advantage of Barrier’s generous Switcheroo offer, and this allowed me to finally connect with pest control technicians who actually know what they are doing.

Anthony and his son were able to determine that there is a structural defect in my home that was allowing mice to enter. I cannot figure out how so many other companies could miss this problem, especially when they all claimed to be experts at finding pest entryways. However, I am simply happy that I am no longer wasting money on repeated service calls that do not provide me with desirable results. Barrier caught an astounding 50 mice during a relatively short period of time, and they very thoroughly sealed my entire house to prevent additional mice from setting up residence within my home.

I am on a consistent extermination plan now, and Barrier’s knowledgeable team is currently assisting me with wasps and other random pests. I am pleased to announce that I am no longer battling with a rodent nightmare, and I can feel confident about having guests over again without being concerned that our visit will be interrupted by a mouse. I feel so much better knowing that the Barrier family is taking care of me.

The Switcheroo deal is something that I would highly recommend to anyone who is tired of receiving inconsistent results from other exterminators. In fact, Switcheroo enabled me to receive my first service call from Barrier for free! There are not many pest control companies that would offer such a great deal, and I think this speaks volumes about the level of confidence that the Barrier team has in the high quality level of service that they provide. After all, giving a free service call would be worthless if customers did not also receive good results. Barrier’s initial inspection and treatment of my home was more than enough to convince me to never go back to any of the other pest control companies in the Elk Grove area.

Cecilia Simpson – Elk Grove

Elk Grove Ant Infestation:

I was thrilled to move into my Elk Grove home, but this excitement was quickly dampened by the fact that I had a serious ant infestation. I knew that I needed an exterminator to help me get rid of the problem, and I always feel that it is important to work with smaller locally owned companies. Therefore, I was pleased when I found Barrier Pest Control because they are family owned and operated. The entire team has been very responsive and honest, and it is easy to tell that they are good people who genuinely want to provide high quality service to each of their customers. I have been very happy with their service, and I even trust them enough that I have given them a key to my gate.

I love it that everyone who works for Barrier is reliable. They always leave me informative updates that include exactly what they did and anything else that they saw that I need to be aware of. This allows me to continuously take a proactive approach, and it is really nice to know that Barrier is on my side.

During one of their service calls, they noticed that I had developed a pigeon problem on my property. This was something that I was aware of, but I had no idea how to fix the problem. Because Barrier is an extermination company, it had never crossed my mind to discuss the pigeon issue with them. Fortunately, they took it upon themselves to educate me about the pigeon screen off process, and they were right there to take care of everything for me. They installed galvanized steel screens in the necessary areas, and this prevents the pigeons from accessing various spots on my property such as the area underneath my air conditioner. The screen off process works brilliantly, and my property is no longer one of the preferred hangout spots for local pigeons.

All of my experiences with Barrier have been very positive, and I will happily continue to use them for all of my pest control needs. I also know that I can now talk to them about other random issues such as pigeons, and I feel confident that they will do everything they can to assist me if at all possible. Thank you Barrier!

Adrianna Varozza – Elk Grove