Bi-Month Vs. Quarterly Service & The Winner Is

Living in warmer climate areas such as Sacramento brings beautiful summer days and plenty of outdoor activities, yes fun in the sun. Additionally, we also enjoy mild winters. The down side is it also means more bugs, resulting in the need for pest control service.

Every month, we sign up new customers for regular pest control service. A good pest prevention service plan will help add beauty to your home by removing unsightly spider webs and will provide peace of mind by keeping unwanted pests like ants, spiders, and rodents under control.

A question we often get asked is: Which pest control service plan is best for a residential home? The answer depends on a few conditions.

  • First, what is your pest tolerance? In other words, what level of pest activity would cause concern or anxiety?
  • Second, what is the pest pressure in your area? Do you see a low, moderate, or high level of pest activity
  • Third, how old is your house? An older building may have more cracks and openings for pests to enter.

The answers to these questions will help provide some direction as to which pest control service plan is best for you. If you have high pest activity and low to moderate pest tolerance, or would just rather not be bothered by pests, then a bimonthly (every other month) pest control service would be best. A bimonthly service plan consists of six services per year, allowing for more visits in the year than a quarterly. A quarterly service plan consists of only four visits per year, one visit each season.

Since pest control products break down from the outdoor elements, more frequent visits per year allow for better control. In fact, we may even discover an exterior pest problem that, if left alone longer, could result in an interior pest invasion.

On the other hand if you have a higher pest tolerance and live in an area with fewer pest problems, but still want all the advantages of having a regular pest control service, then a quarterly plan may fit the bill.

So The Winner Is?

We have to give the advantage to a bimonthly pest control service; however, a quarterly service does have its place for some folks. Here at Barrier Pest Solutions, we realize every home and situation is different. That’s why we offer many options including bimonthly and quarterly pest control service in order to fit your unique needs and circumstances. Feel free to give us a call any time at (916) 683-2929 to go over all your options.

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