Black Widow Spiders and Spider Bite Facts

Black Widows are the most venomous spiders in the US. Their shiny, black bodies are an alarming sight, especially if you have curious children or pets. Here is our advice to help you keep your home safe from Black Widow spiders.

Spider proofing your home:

Black Widow Spiders do not hunt humans; we are not part of their regular diet. However, they do bite out of self-defense, which means you need to be very careful about putting your hand or foot into places where spiders might be hiding.

Black Widows like dark, secluded, or dimly lit areas. Common nesting areas include pool skimmer baskets, shoes that are left outside, garages and basements, tool sheds, play structures, and cluttered areas.

Avoid leaving shoes outside, or keep outside shoes in a sealed container.

When working in dark, cluttered areas, don’t put your hand in places that you can’t see.

For example, if you are moving boxes around in the garage, wear gloves and use caution.

Avoid going into sheds and garages without wearing shoes.

Spider safe practices:

Know how to identify a Black Widow spider. If you have children, show them what a Black Widow looks like so that they know to avoid them.

Train children the proper way to react if they see a Black Widow. Teach them to stay away and get an adult to remove it.

Show kids which areas of the home might be spider risks areas, such as the tool shed, garage, and pool skimmer baskets. Playground equipment and toys left outside overnight can also attract spiders.

If you leave shoes outside, check to make sure they are spider free by shaking, tapping, blowing and looking into them before putting them on.

What to do if bitten:

Black Widow bites are rarely fatal, but they are still painful and can cause you to become very sick. If you or a member of your family are bitten, it is important that you seek immediate medical attention.

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