How to Eliminate Mosquito Problems This Season

As much as we all enjoy winter for the lattes and evening fires, spring is here and summer is quickly approaching.  That means it’s time to pack up those sweaters and get out in that sun for some outdoor fun with the family. However, warm weather brings more than just outdoor fun. Spring showers combined with higher temperatures are perfect conditions for mosquito breeding.  We’ve put together recommendations for how to eliminate mosquitoes from your home this season.

There may already be mosquito eggs around your property waiting to come to life!  Despite the fact that most male mosquitoes don’t survive the winter, many females manage to. Worst of all, their eggs that they have laid all winter long, don’t mind the cold one bit.  These future mosquitoes are just waiting for the sun to start shining, so they can jump into action and start biting.

It’s fair to say that these vampire insects are a horrible pest!  While it might not be possible to fully eliminate mosquitoes yourself, there are things that you as a homeowner can do to discourage these pesky pests from being attracted to your property.  In fact, simple preventative methods can make a substantial improvement. The last thing we want is for these new hatchlings to decide to make your home their homes too.


Protect Your Family This Mosquito Season

1: Eliminate Standing Water

Remember, mosquitoes are attracted to water like all life forms.  However, mosquitoes have a special reason to search out available water on your property.  They need it for reproduction. Despite the fact that there are 3,500 different mosquito species, they all lay their eggs in standing water.  Because of this, warm weather rains create ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Now is an ideal time to make sure standing water isn’t building up around your property in buckets, child pools, bird baths, tires, lids, plastic sheets, and any other places you find that hold water.  These things attract mosquitoes. Don’t forget to look for leaking spigots and sprinklers too. They can create puddles in grass and dirt. Some situations may even require extra drainage to be installed. Regularly empty flower pot saucers after watering.

2: Keep Drainage and Gutters Cleared of Debris

Unfortunately, mosquitoes don’t need a generous amount of water to breed.  In fact, an incredibly shallow amount of water, less than half an inch, is more than enough for mosquito eggs.  As winter passes, the gutters of most homeowners are left full of leaves, random debris the wind picks up, dirt, and sometimes even toys their children have thrown on the roof.  These tend to back up the drainage and can leave standing water up there for weeks at a time. Even if you don’t see water pouring over the sides during heavy rains it’s a good idea to clean out gutters every year, to prevent this build up.  

3: Home and Yard Maintenance

As the cold rainy weather gets behind us, now is the perfect time to head out into our yard and start throwing away things we have collected over the winter.   Grade yards in ways that allow water to naturally drain. Add agitators to water fixtures, these can come in several ways such as aerators that create bubbles or motorized devices that rotate in bird baths to keep water moving.  If a pond is your problem consider adding some fish that are natural enemies, such as minnows, to eliminate mosquitoes. Another option for fishless ponds can be ensuring chlorine levels are kept up year around.

4: Ask Barrier Pest Solutions for Help

Following these simple steps can help greatly eliminate mosquitoes and the problems they cause.  However, mosquitoes hatching from all over your neighborhood can at times continue to be a problem for some.  If these basic control methods do not provide your home with enough relief, please don’t hesitate to give Barrier Pest Solutions a call to have a Pest Control Specialist put together a custom mosquito control program specific to your properties needs.


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