Does Your Pest Control Company Offer Precision Targeted Application?

Many people are interested in reducing the amount of pesticides that are used on their property, but they are unaware that a method exists that can enable them to do this without losing the effectiveness that they also desire. Barrier Pest Solutions offers a precision targeted application that addresses both of these concerns. As an added bonus, the cost of this particular treatment is more affordable than traditional methods.

What Exactly is a Precision Targeted Application?

The typical lawn requires up to 15 gallons of pesticide spray in order to treat each spot with an equal amount. However, this is not always necessary, so home and business owners could be taking on a higher bill than necessary. Instead, the targeted precision application usually uses just 1.5 to two gallons on specific areas that are well-known to be hot spots for pest activity. Additionally, this process requires the technician to look for active spots as opposed to simply spraying the entire property.

Which Areas are Targeted?

Any area that has activity can be included in a precision targeted application, but the most common spots are the base of shrubs and trees, the foundation, crevices and cracks, fence lines and around windows, doors and light fixtures. This cuts the usage of pesticides outside by an average of 80 percent, but you will still experience results that are consistent with a full application. In some cases, there will be slightly more pest activity remaining in areas such as flower beds, but this is still a good trade-off because you will save a lot of money and have a much smaller amount of pesticides on your property.

Is a Precision Targeted Application Right For Me?

Most of the clients who choose to utilize this application have a commercial location such as an apartment community, restaurant or office complex. However, precision targeted applications can also be an attractive pest control treatment for residential customers who want to minimize the amount of pesticides on their lawn. This is especially beneficial for families with children and pets. Barrier Pest Solutions always marks the areas where pesticides have been used, and they are safe if you avoid these areas until they are dry. However, it is definitely easier for most families to keep their kids and pets out of targeted areas instead of worrying about waiting for the drying period to end.

Will These Pest Control Treatments Protect My Home?

Precision targeted applications will reduce the amount of pests that are on your property, and this will naturally lead to fewer insects indoors. We do recommend adding a standard indoor treatment to provide optimal results. Fortunately, both of these treatment types are covered by our money back “barrantee” for any clients who have regular ongoing service scheduled. This program allows our valued clients to receive a second treatment for free if they are not satisfied with the results of an application.

Precision targeted applications are adapted to meet the needs of each client, so you will never need to worry about having pesticide applied to an area of your property that does not have any pest issues. To find out more about this innovative treatment and how it can help your business or home, contact Barrier Pest Solutions at (916) 683-2929.

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