Are you sharing your home with unwanted guest? Rats and mice have no place in your home. Rodents are carries of disease and parasite such as fleas and mites. Additionally rodents are very destructive, and as a result of their habit to gnawing (chewing) on things, including electrical wires they pose a real threat of fire hazards. Take back your home today! Here at barrier Pest Solutions we specialize in rodent control.

We offer 3 options for control of Rats and Mice in and around your home. 

1. Rodent Extermination Service

This is a 3 to 4 week program designed to offer a permanent solution to a rodent infestation in your home. It includes a thorough inspection of your home, rat and mice proofing, rodent trapping and removal. For more details see our Rodent Extermination Service page.

2. Rodent Control Only Service plan 

This is an ongoing monthly or bi-monthly service designed to offer year round control of rats and mice. Traps and T-1 bait stations rated for uses around pest and children will be used.

Each visit your service will include an inspection for new rodent activity and the servicing of bait stations. Servicing of bait stations will included cleaning and refilling with fresh bait as well as inspecting for their safe and proper working condition.

This service plan is right for ones that have no need for insect control.

3. Pest Prevention Service Plan

When you choose any of our 4 ongoing pest prevention service plans for control of ants, spiders and other insects in and around your home, rodent control of your home is included. Control methods will included uses of traps and or rodent baits. Exterior bait stations can be added at a small additional fee.

Which service plan is right for you? Take a look at our Pest Control Services Page.