Salvador Mora

Salvador Mora is one of Anthony and Olivia’s sons. He was born and raised right here in Sacramento, CA. His fascination with insects stemmed from a young age and sparked a passion for creating pest-free homes. Salvador is often the first face you’ll see at your home. He’s known for being incredibly thorough, delivering an exceptional experience, and setting customers up for success from their first visit onward. Salvador invests time in every employee and provides advanced training to ensure Barrier technicians are held to a high standard. His favorite aspect of running Barrier Pest Solutions is interacting with customers and making their day, week, or month—it’s no wonder his customers find him to be so cheerful!

Certifications: Structural Pest Control Board – Branch 2 Field Representative

What are your favorite things to do outside of the office? My favorite hobby is BBQing, building custom keyboards, and backpacking / camping!

Tell us the most interesting fact about you! I have been bullied by wildlife in Thailand in multiple occasions. Once by some spunky adolescent elephants who knocked a woman’s phone out of her hand. When I tried to save it they decided otherwise and sent me tumbling. On a different occasion, I had a similar experience when a very dominate wild monkey decided I wasn’t allowed on our balcony!

Quote from Salvador: “We give the BEST pest control service in the Sacramento area and likely one of the best in the state! There isn’t a team out there that cares more and works harder to solve your pest issues than team Barrier.”

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