Rodents, such as rats and mice, are among the most successful and adaptable mammals on earth. They have learned to survive and flourish among man. Commensal rodents have poor eyesight, but their other senses, including smell, taste, and touch, are well developed. They are good climbers, jumpers, and swimmers.

Rodents Cause Serious Damage

Rats can gain entry into your home or business through a hole or gap about a ½ inch in size. Mice only need a ¼ inch gap; that’s about the size of a dime. Rodents can cause serious damage to structures, personal property, vehicles, and food supplies. Rodents love to gnaw (chew) on things, including electrical wires, which has been the cause of some structural fires. In fact, fire investigators believe that perhaps as many as 25 percent of all fires of unknown origin may be caused by rodents.

Additionally, in order to gain access to water, rodents can chew through pipes in buildings and irrigation systems, causing even more property damage.

Caution is Needed

Rodents can be the cause of great fear for some folks. Caution is needed around rats; they can bite and attack humans, including sleeping children. We have been called out to correct rodent problems where the owners would make noise at night before entering the kitchen so the rats would run into hiding. Scary indeed.

In addition, rodents will leave behind unhealthy fecal droppings and urine that can be a source of bad odors and allergens, which can contribute to asthma problems. Additionally, rodents are carriers of diseases and other parasites, such as fleas and mites. One of the first signs of a rodent infestation is fecal drops, as well as noise in a wall or attic.

Peak Activity  

Contrary to popular belief, rats are not truly nocturnal. However, rats are more active when there is less danger, which is usually at night. A rodent’s vision is well equipped for dark and low light situations. Their peak activity is shortly after dark and again prior to sunrise. They prefer to travel along walls and between objects in order to protect themselves from predators.

A rodent travels the same pathways hundreds of times in the course of a week. These runways lead to food and shelter. In time, rodents memorize these runways though muscle movements called kinesthesia. When frightened or being chased, this ability allows them to race back to their nest or protected areas at high speeds, even around objects, with an automatic sense of what is there.

Rats are very cautious and neophobic, so they may avoid new objects and new food sources for a time. This cautious nature can contribute to difficulty with control efforts, because rats may avoid traps and rodent baits for some time. On the other hand, mice are very curious by nature and are quick to investigate new objects including traps and rodent baits, which does help with control efforts.

The three main rodents of concern to us in California are the Norway Rat, the Roof Rat, and the House Mouse.

Learn more about the ROOF RAT, the NORWAY RAT, and the HOUSE MOUSE. Learn about their habits, life cycle and get tips.

Rodent Pest Control

Fighting off a rodent infestation takes a professional in most cases. Due to the rapid increase in a rodent population with up to 1,800 rodents originating from a single mating pair in one year, a rodent problem needs to be taken seriously.

Rodents can enter a home through very small areas and can breed, hide, and multiply better than most mammals.  Look for droppings in garages, attics, basements, behind and under rubbish piles and appliances.

If rodent activity is found, you might try a store-bought rodent poison. However, chances are that ultimately, a professional will be needed in order solve a difficult rodent problem and prevent a re-infestation. A rodent problem in or around your home or business needs to be taken seriously. Rodents are carriers of disease and other parasites, which can cause serious health risks to people and their pets.

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