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No homeowner wants to learn that they have a termite infestation, and for good reason! Termite swarms come in overwhelmingly large numbers, are difficult to eliminate, and can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your home. If you suspect you have an infestation, trust our termite treatment in Roseville. We use products that get to work right away, giving you relief without the wait.

When you partner with us for termite treatment, we will:

  • Inspect your home for signs of termites, such as mud tubes or dropped wings.
  • Communicate our findings and review your custom treatment plan with you.
  • Treat with Termidor, a product that eliminates pests through contact and ingestion.
  • Fumigate your home in the case of severe infestations.
  • Repair damages inflicted by termites to ensure the structural integrity of your home.

Protect Your Home with Wellness Checks

Termites are particularly destructive because their presence often goes unnoticed, giving them plenty of time to wreak havoc on your home. When you partner with us for recurring pest control, we perform Home Wellness Checks every two years to ensure this doesn’t happen. During our checks, we’ll inspect your home for termite and dry rot damage. If we find anything, we’ll let you know and schedule a follow-up treatment without delay.

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We Offer Free, Comprehensive Termite Inspections

Here at Barrier, we take great pride in our work. Our technicians understand the severity of a termite problem, which is why we provide comprehensive inspections of your exterior, attic, crawl space, and any other part of your property deemed necessary. We leave no stone unturned when looking for termite activity, so you can count on us to thoroughly eliminate any potential termite problem. And the best part: our termite inspections in Roseville are free to you!

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Protect Your Home From Dry Rot Damage

Dry rot is a form of decay that affects wood and other organic materials and can be a significant problem in buildings and wooden structures as it weakens the structural integrity of the affected wood. Our team at Barrier offers more than just termite treatment, we also provide dry rot removal services. Protect your home from structural damage and give us a call today!

Your Satisfaction: Barranteed!

Our termite treatment in Roseville eliminates termite activity and prevents them from coming back. And if these insects persist after our service, our exterminators will come back to make things right. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed when you choose Barrier for termite control.

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Additional Services in Roseville

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5 Star Review

We have been so happy with the service and quality from the Barrier Pest team. When we moved into our first home in 2020, our neighbors recommended them. We quickly found that the team was responsive, knowledgeable, and thorough. I’d recommend them to anyone but especially first time home owners! I always learn something new from the team.



5 Star Review

From the great customer service when I first called with Kat, to Salvador Coming out to exterminate....They were Friendly, professional, Knowledgeable, Honest, Everything was just Excellent..... I am terrified of all bugs so I'm super grateful and I truly value & appreciate that A+ customer service.

Takeena Johnson


5 Star Review

We've had their service for about 2 years I think. They are always friendly and accommodating. To top it off their pest control is pet friendly, and works.

Tynette Scott


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