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Are rats and mice wreaking havoc on your home in Sacramento? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! At Barrier Pest Solutions, we offer a comprehensive rodent control service that will eliminate these pesky critters from your property and prevent them from coming back.

Depending on if you select a one-time rodent trapping service or ongoing rodent exclusion and proofing, our exterminators will:

  • Search your home for nesting materials, damage, and other signs of rodents.
  • Carefully place traps and bait in non-invasive areas so kids and pets can’t get to them.
  • Return to check and maintain the traps regularly.
  • Perform exclusion repairs to close off entry points and stop future infestations.
  • Give you a one-year warranty that includes returning visits in which we reseal entry points at no extra cost.

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Eliminate Rodents With Our Trapping Services

Our rodent trapping is designed to eliminate any current rat and mouse infestation you might be dealing with. Our rodent exterminators will set traps in any infested area and then return up to 2 times at no extra cost to remove rodents from traps, reset them, and inspect the progress. Don’t waste your time with DIY or store-bought traps, call Barrier instead today!

Rodent Proofing Services That Protect

Here at Barrier, we are dedicated to providing quality services that both eliminate your pest problems and prevent them from coming back. That’s why we offer the highest quality rodent-proofing services on the market. After learning the best techniques from construction professionals, we are confident in our services. Here’s what our rodent proofing in Sacramento entails:

  • A technician will inspect every inch of your home, including attic vents, garage door seals, overhangs, and everything in between,
  • A report will be sent to you with any potential rodent entry points identified, along with an estimate for sealing them up.
  • All potential entry points will be permanently sealed up, and we issue a 1-year warranty to guarantee our work!

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Additional Services in Sacramento

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5 Star Review

Barrier Pest Solutions is professional from the phone calls to the technicians. They also have exterminated and prevented pests from coming into and around our house for several years. In the past when I rented, our landlord would send a different pest control company, but they were unable to exterminate ants, and they did not attempt to remove cobwebs from the house like Barrier Pest Solutions does. I will not be going to another company.

Michiko Sanchez


5 Star Review

Barrier Pest Control provide pest control services to my home. They're a small owned business which I fully support 👍🏻 Barrier Pest Control exceeds ALL my expectations...hands down!

Veronica Vargas


5 Star Review

Always good communication about appointments, very clean services, pet safe process. Would recommend to anyone looking for pest control services.

Sandcastle Studios , Sacramento Office


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